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Taxi Driver – 40th Anniversary



To celebrate the 40th anniversary of TAXI DRIVER, we will be devoting the entire month of May to that film.

We – Eric Peeper and myself – will be posting images, quotes, behind-the-scenes stuff, excerpts from my book THE PASSION OF MARTIN SCORSESE, quizzes, and even an exclusive online course.

So … be sure to come back to check it out!

You can also join us on the Facebook page for daily updates on TAXI DRIVER.



Casino: It was 20 years ago today …

  Actually, to be honest, it was 20 years ago yesterday. On November 22, 1995, Martin Scorsese’s CASINO opened in the theatres all across the United States. To me, that film has always been quite underrated. When it was first released Casino was superficially and unfairly tagged “GoodFellas removed to Las Vegas.” — “So striking are the films’ similarities that Casino’s raison d’être seems unclear,”…

A Chilling Inward Glance

  by Eric Peeper Something Chilling As Halloween Approaches ….  Scorsese is an ardent admirer of Val Lewton’s psychological suspense pictures. This culminated brilliantly with his narrating and producing Kent Jones’ terrific documentary on Lewton. But in several ways it also leads back to Scorsese’s contribution to his friend Steven Spielberg’s series Amazing Stories. Scorsese’s…

The Mask and the Mirror

  The mirror does not flatter, it faithfully shows whatever looks into it; namely the face we never show to the world because we cover it with the persona, the mask of the actor. But the mirror lies behind the mask and shows the true face. (Carl G. Jung) In Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious…

3 unusual Christmas films

  You can find lists of classic Holiday movies many places, but today I will discuss three very unusual Christmas films. They are films that you probably know, but that you may never have thought of as Christmas films.   1. Profondo Rosso (Dario Argento 1975) A neatly decorated living room with a Christmas tree…