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A Chilling Inward Glance

Scorsese Mirror Mirror


by Eric Peeper

Something Chilling As Halloween Approaches …. 

Scorsese is an ardent admirer of Val Lewton’s psychological suspense pictures. This culminated brilliantly with his narrating and producing Kent Jones’ terrific documentary on Lewton. But in several ways it also leads back to Scorsese’s contribution to his friend Steven Spielberg’s series Amazing Stories.

Scorsese’s psychological fright fest is named “Mirror, Mirror,” and it concerns a horror writer who is tormented by a phantom which may or may not be a product of his imagination.

Like many of Scorsese’s best efforts, we are given a character that may at first be difficult to sympathize with, but – once his demons are exposed – he becomes all too easy to see ourselves in.

If our eyes are indeed the windows of our souls, Jordan Manmouth (played by Sam Waterston) gets the kind of inward glance most of us try our best to avoid.