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Hi, I'm Annette

To me there is nothing more exciting than the fact that we are given this wondrous life, and that we can go wherever we want. If we cannot always go on outer journeys to new destinations, then at least we are much freer than we may realize to venture on journeys into the vast realm within our own minds and to explore the world around us.

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My Philosophy

I have always felt there's a magic in stories. The stories you were told when you were little. The stories that since the beginning of mankind have helped us understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. The stories you tell yourself every day about your own life. Stories shape your mythical journey through life. The better you understand them consciously, the more you can use them to live a fuller, more authentic life. Stories can help you make sense of the events of the past year and lift you to whole new levels. And that's what my life's work is about!

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The Hero Inside

My brand new FREE guide OWNING THE HERO INSIDE shows you how your inner hero can help you transform your life, so that you can stop being distracted and sabotaged by things that don't really matter to you.

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Café Goodies

A tiny preview of what my virtual café has to offer + More than two hours of enchanting music that will transport you instantly to a Paris sidewalk café in April. Welcome to my Lifestyle Universe.

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Paris Escape

Could you use some soothing me time? With the 15 Minutes in Paris Retreat, you will get an inspiring instant escape, a playlist of lovely Paris songs, tiny analyses of films set in Paris, and pretty pictures to dream on.

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