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The Life-Altering Power of Stories

Since the beginning of mankind, stories have helped us understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. The stories you love and your favourite characters in them can help shape your life journey. When you learn to understand stories and archetypes consciously, you can use them to live a deeper, more authentic life. Teaching you how is what my life's work is all about!

hello, dear friend!

I'm Annette

To me, nothing is more exciting than the thought that we have been gifted this incredible life, and we can explore everything to our heart's content - in the outer as well as the inner world. Books, movies, and other stories can help make the experience of our precious life journey much deeper and more deliberate.

kind words from happy customers

As one of many who have attended Annette’s classes on the hero myth and journey in the movies I cannot recommend her writings and teaching on the topic highly enough. I’ve always felt enriched after these courses and watching movies today is an even greater pleasure than it was before I got acquainted with Annette’s enlightening thoughts.

Henrik Frederiksen (Senior Vice President)

“All I know is this; once I was blind and now I can see.”
Thanks Annette for helping me see.

Tim Maloney - Oregon

I really loved it. All the things you said are so important. «Riding the dragon» is the picture I liked the most. To face problems, that’s so important and not to be afraid of them.

Susanne - Vienna

I have regained enormous motivation concerning my physical rehabilitation.

My lovely friend Annette Wernblad teaches people how to re-connect with their deepest spiritual selves through meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and story-telling. She has such a gentle wisdom about her.

Anna L. Grace - St. Louis

Oooooooooohhhhhhh my goooooooooooooood… I’m on catching up with Revitalize and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it, loooooooooove you. You’re a mind magician grounded in science, analogies and stories… It is beyond exceptional!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

There are people who touch you profoundly in life by their authenticity, their depth of thoughts, and their ability to see beyond the day to day noise. Annette is one of them. Do not hesitate to jump in one of her webinars to transform immediately the way you see and approach life. Her Hero framework is mindset transformative, by its simplicity and deep impact.

Isabel Talens - London

While in film school, we had an in-depth lecture about David Lynch by the Danish film scholar Annette Wernblad. She really pieced Mulholland Drive together for us and gave us the (blue) keys to deciphering David Lynch’s work 🔑🔷

Sally A.Ward / My Life is Twin Peaks

It is life changing and so difficult to explain to anyone. You are a storyteller whisperer and a philosopher! I don’t believe my luck to have you in my life. 🙌

That was absolutely revolutionary in my life! Thank you soo sooo much for this!

Annette’s talks bridge academia and personal development concepts in a way I really love. By considering film, tv and literature as modern myth, she explores how we can use the concepts found within art to navigate our own journeys in life.

Sally A.Ward - Copenhagen

Annette Wernblad’s insights and gorgeous images teach, as well as inform us of ourselves. She always brings something new and interesting on a variety of subjects; especially cinema. This is a person you can learn from and enrich yourself in the process.

Michael Brakemeyer - St. Louis

I feel so extremely privileged! Imagine being online in the Virtual Café with Annette and people from the US and so many other countries when it was announced that Biden had won! It was a fantastic experience. It’s true what one participant said: We will always remember where we were when that happened!

Irene Kristensen