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mew_001516shEver since I was little, I have always loved movies.

I have always been extremely fascinated by the way in which film can communicate directly to our innermost feelings – without letting our rational ego have much of a say about it. Intuitively I sensed that the cinematic images contain deep layers of meaning and affect us in ways we may not consciously understand.

Even then, it was crucial for me to try to explain it to my surroundings: that we can learn so much about ourselves, each other, and the world we live in, if we learn to truly SEE movies instead of just watching them.

Like our dreams, films are moving images that glide past our eyes, our conscious egos having no control over them.

It became my life’s work, my most burning passion, to explore works of art – and particularly movies – that reflect the labyrinth deep inside the heart and mind of every human being. Over the past decades, I have been digging ever deeper in order to unearth the treasures that the great directors have hidden for us in the innermost recesses or their films.

Now – many years later – I am an international author, teacher, speaker and film expert. I am the author of Brooklyn Is Not Expanding: Woody Allen’s Comic Universe and The Passion of Martin Scorsese.

I am based in Copenhagen, but I spend as much of the year as I can in other cities, currently mostly Paris.

In my courses, workshops, books and products, I teach people to become more conscious of  films and thus be able retrieve the gift we all had as children for understanding and implementing the deep symbolic layers that many stories have.

I use my own signature system which is a unique blend of film analysis and philosophical, mythological, psychological and scientific theories.

Movies are mirrors that reflect our inner and outer reality. they explore the innermost recesses of our hearts and minds. they help us to understand ourselves, each other, and the world we live in.



It is as though movies answered an ancient quest for the common unconscious. They fulfill a spiritual need that people have to share a common memory.
Martin Scorsese


No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight of the soul.
Ingmar Bergman